Our volunteers are a very important part of the CFC program.  Volunteers can earn a Laptop or Desktop computer system by volunteering with us for 50 hours.  Come in at your convenience during business hours, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

Each volunteer is given a sign-in sheet. There are no requirements regarding time to volunteer.  Time spent working within the day, week or month, nor how long it takes an individual to complete the 50 hours.  We try to as flexible as possible, so volunteers can spend time with us when they can.

One doesn’t need prior experience.  The volunteer will learn to take computers apart, for recycling, and in the process being to identify individual components, including RAM (how to add or remove the computers memory), hard drives (which contain all of the sensitive, personal information of the operator), CPU’s (central processing unit), power supplies, video cards, optical drives, heat syncs, etc. This is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn about computers as our environment affords a unique opportunity. It can be an invaluable opportunity for those learning about computer repairing. Computer repair shops often prefer to hire people with actual experience and not just certification without hands-on training.

We may allow those as young as 13 years-old, if they are mature and physically able to pick up computers without getting hurt. Anyone can volunteer.  We have had people of all ages, with varies types of disabilities, as well as those who are non-English speaking. There are no restrictions on volunteers such as low-income. We have had other volunteers earn a computer to be able to give it free to a low-income family or program that would benefit.

At the end of 50 hours, CFC will help you select a computer system, either a desktop or laptop, fully loaded (with Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Essentials and Malwarebytes, in addition to other learning programs).

When volunteering do not wear sandals or open-toed shoes. We have all of the tools needed. We have a break room with a refrigerator and microwave but we don’t supply the food.

Many college students will be spending 10 hours volunteering as part of their Computer Science or Business courses at CSU, Chico.

Call 530-895-4175 Ext 2 during weekdays 9AM to 5PM, if you have any questions.

CFC can also provide Letters of Recommendation or Letters of Support for college or job applicants. Volunteering for non-profits is a great reference.