CFC is now R2:2013 Certified!

CFC is now R2 Certified!

R2-ColorWhy is R2 Certification important? The federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) had been encouraging refurbishers and recyclers to become certified as either R2 or E-Stewards. The two programs are very demanding and audit the processes used in handling materials, employee and volunteer safety, security of data received, the downstream vendors selected, health and safety provisions, current laws and regulations, etc.

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As an example of our processes, we must audit our downstream vendor so that we know where they send the materials we give them and how they process the materials. None of the materials will go to the landfill, be incinerated or shipped illegally to other countries. We continue the audit until the final end of life of the material. We in turn are audited at least annually in order to keep our certification. Our initial audit took four days – two days in May and another two days in June.

To learn more about the process and protections offered by using an R2 Certified Refurbisher visit the R2:2013 hosting website, SERI.

We have the most current CFC R2:2013 Certification.

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