1,000 Free Computers Delivered to Schools

CFC has been working with Dr. Rob Fairlie, UC,Santa Cruz, as a part of a research project to determine the benefits of having a home computer. We gave 1,000 free home computers systems to selected schools in Chico, Marysille, Yuba City, Sacramento and Fresno. The first round of 500 donated computers was made last fall. The final round was delivered to the schools recently. Pat Furr was invited by the Sacramento City Unified School District School Board meeting to receive an award acknowledging the receipt of 400 computers given to Sacramento middle school children. We are awaiting the results of Dr. Fairlie’s research. It will take some time to receive the final data from the schools and to evaluate the results. It may help us to understand the value of reusing computer systems and the benefits to an individual’s educational opportunities.