Software Installed

Operating Systems

Since CFC is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we are able to install licensed copies of:
Windows 10 Professional 64 bit .

What is the difference between 32 bit systems and 64 bit?  The maximum memory that can be recognized with the 32 bit systems is approximately 3.5 GB.  If you want to install 4 GB or more memory, then it is advised to use a 64 bit operating system.

Office Software

CFC can install Microsoft Office 2010, Home and Business that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.  We can install office on refurbished computers for families or non-profits.  Microsoft does not allow us to install it on school computers.  We install Open Office on school computers and set the default file types to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Many school districts have a site license for MS Office so the school has a choice.  Open Office is a great program and very compatible with MS Office.

Anti-Virus Folder

CFC installs Windows Defender anti-virus.  It is an excellent program and updates without slowing down the computer.  Our other program is Malware Bytes, an anti-malware program.  You know you have malware if you start getting a lot of pop-ups, annoying ads, or your computer slows down.  We have a handout that we include with all computer systems explaining the best way to run Malware Bytes.
Since this is the free version of the program, it is up to the user to download the latest database before running the program.  Malware is one of the biggest problems that arises from anyone going on the Internet.  Be sure to check out this wonderful program – Malware Bytes.  We advise running it at least once a month.

Great Software Included

  • A link to GCF Learn Free.  This site has over 125 free tutorials. Do you want to learn all about computers (beginning or advanced), software like Office 2010, social media, Facebook, email, math, tablets, reading and much more?  It is all free and is in English or Spanish.  Great site.
  • Windows 10 for dummies
  • Three Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Chrome