Windows 10 Now Available

Computers for Classrooms is now installing Windows 10 in the systems we offer.

Intuitive and responsive.  Fast startup.  Innovative features, such as Cortana voice-enable assistance, improved security features. Familiar interface with start menu.  Yet with all these new features, the software manages to remain familiar to long time Windows users.


Comcast Internet Essentials Expands Their Services

To participate in Internet Essentials you must receive HUD housing assistance such as Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8 Vouchers) or Multifamily Vouchers (Project-Based Section 8). Applicants must present a copy of one of the following items from the current or previous year: their residential lease agreement (including the Section 8 Tenancy Addendum if applicable),tenant income certification form, voucher form, rent statement or rent letter. The document(s) must be on official letterhead and include your name, address, and the name of the local Public Housing Authority or the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Residents can request a copy of the relevant documentation from their local Public Housing Authority or their landlord.

Do You Qualify?

See below for additional eligibility criteria. If you’re still not sure just give us a call and we can help: 1-(855)-847-3356 ELIGIBLE INDIVIDUALS: Must receive HUD housing assistance such as Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8 Vouchers) or Multifamily Vouchers (Project-Based Section 8).

Must not have outstanding debt to Comcast that is less than a year old. Individuals with outstanding debt more than one year old may still be eligible.

Must live in an area where Comcast Internet service is available but not have subscribed to it within the last 90 days.


New Options for Data Destruction

CFC has added a new Data Destroyer in addition to our Degausser.  Take a look at our Data Destruction Brochure.  We can now destroy solid state and flash drives as well as hard drives. We can provide a Certification of Destruction and use our portable equipment at your site.

CFC is now R2:2013 Certified!

CFC is now R2 Certified!

R2-ColorWhy is R2 Certification important? The federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) had been encouraging refurbishers and recyclers to become certified as either R2 or E-Stewards. The two programs are very demanding and audit the processes used in handling materials, employee and volunteer safety, security of data received, the downstream vendors selected, health and safety provisions, current laws and regulations, etc.

Please feel free to review our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

As an example of our processes, we must audit our downstream vendor so that we know where they send the materials we give them and how they process the materials. None of the materials will go to the landfill, be incinerated or shipped illegally to other countries. We continue the audit until the final end of life of the material. We in turn are audited at least annually in order to keep our certification. Our initial audit took four days – two days in May and another two days in June.

To learn more about the process and protections offered by using an R2 Certified Refurbisher visit the R2:2013 hosting website, SERI.

We have the most current CFC R2:2013 Certification.

CFC has reached the ONE MILLION POUNDS plateau!

CFC in 2016 has recycled 1.3 million pounds of e-waste.

Since becoming R2 Certified, our donation stream has increased as additional donors realize the benefits of working with an audited program to assure their data is secure and their donations are being handled properly. CFC has the additional benefit of reusing as much as possible. Thanks to all of you that have allowed our program to flourish.

Coming Together to Help a School in San Francisco

Coming Together to Help a School in San Francisco

After the computer lab from the International Studies Academy in San Francisco was stolen, a community effort worked with CFC to supply a new lab within just three weeks! Big thanks go to the sfBig organization and Mark Crafts as well as Mathew Day at Silverfox. We can all work together to help schools. Take a look at their new lab.

Once again sfBIG has a new campaign going to help McCoppin Elementary School in San Francisco. The sfBIG donors are gathered funds to supply 60 Core 2 Duo computers to a school that has beenl using very, very old G-3 iMacs. The old computers could not be used for the Common Core testing so the school could not participate in the required program.

Pat Furr and Francis Fawcett win the Jim Lynch Award

Pat Furr and Francis Fawcett win the Jim Lynch Award

Pat Furr and Francis Fawcett received the Jim Lynch Award from the International Comptuer Refurbishers Summit in Austin, TX in November. Pat Furr, the Founder/President of Computers for Classrooms, was recognized for the many years of dedication and support to other refurbishers. Francis was the Microsoft Director of the Registered Refurbisher Program that allows refurbishers to license donated computers when they are to be used in schools, with non-profits or low-income families. Francis will not be as involved with the MRR Program in the future so the members wanted to recognize her efforts in furthering the cause of obtaining technology for schools and families that can’t afford to buy new products.

1,000 Free Computers Delivered to Schools

CFC has been working with Dr. Rob Fairlie, UC,Santa Cruz, as a part of a research project to determine the benefits of having a home computer. We gave 1,000 free home computers systems to selected schools in Chico, Marysille, Yuba City, Sacramento and Fresno. The first round of 500 donated computers was made last fall. The final round was delivered to the schools recently. Pat Furr was invited by the Sacramento City Unified School District School Board meeting to receive an award acknowledging the receipt of 400 computers given to Sacramento middle school children. We are awaiting the results of Dr. Fairlie’s research. It will take some time to receive the final data from the schools and to evaluate the results. It may help us to understand the value of reusing computer systems and the benefits to an individual’s educational opportunities.

Low cost broadband through Comcast is even better!

Computers for Classrooms will be assisting families that have a child in the FREE or REDUCED lunch program through their school to obtain low cost broadband Internet if they live in a Comcast cable community. To qualify for the program families need to have at least one child in the free or reduced price lunch program, they cannot owe Comcast money or equipment and they cannot have had Comcast Internet for 90 days. Call to sign up for the program. The cost will be $9.95 per month plus tax but there will be no setup fees, no credit check, no social security check and a free modem and installation. At last there is an excellent opportunity for familys to be able to use the many features of a high speed Internet connection. When Comcast bought NBC last year, they agreed to assist 6.6 million families to be able to connect to the Internet. Call Computers for Classrooms to help you get started. Schools with 90% F/R lunch students will find it much easier to sign up. Call for additional information. 1-855-846-8376

New Addition – Microsoft Office 2010, Home and Business

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers have been given the ability to install Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business on computers going to low-income families or to other non-profits. We will be able to install Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note and Security Essentials. Our systems include keyboards, mice, LCD monitors and a one year warranty. We keep upgrading our systems and strive to lower prices.