Computers for Low-Income Families

CFC provides good working computer systems for those who cannot afford to buy new ones. As Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers we can only place MS licensed computers with low-income families. So, how do we determine who is low-income?

Most low-income families have Medi-Cal (Medicaid) cards. We accept other forms of eligibility such as Healthy Families, Free or Reduced lunch qualification at schools, Financial Aid Recipients, persons receiving disaster assistance through the Red Cross, those qualifying for Section 8 Housing. If you have questions as to your qualification, contact us.

For schools where over 66% of the students qualify for free or reduced price lunch, we allow any family at the school to get a computer system from us - the entire school qualifies.

We only accept cash or Money Orders as methods of payment. Click on this link to find our current price sheet. You can stop by our office between 9:00 and 5:00 weekdays to see what we have. The systems are guaranteed for one full year - software and hardware.

For qualifying families we give a free checkup of a computer system you may already own. We can give you an unbiased evaluation of what you will need to get it up and running. We are here to help you.

After the year's warranty has expired we often allow our clients to upgrade to a newer computer at a low price. We are here to help you for the long run.