Computers for Classrooms Price Sheet

Prices for Refurbished and Guaranteed Computers

*Check our qualification check list to see if you qualify to purchase a computer from Computers for Classrooms.

Desktop Computers

Refurbished Desktopp Computers

All refurbished desktop computers come with a LCD, keyboard, mouse, cables, Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Outlook, OneNote), anti-virus, anti-malware and a one year warranty.  Check out our full warranty and list of software installed.

$100 Best Computer
Core 2 Duo processor, 3.0 GHz, 4.0 GB memory, 160 GB hard drive, DVD burner, 19” LCD and DVI graphics for better video.
$200 Icore 3 Computer
Icore 3 processor, 3.0 GHz, 4.0 GB of memory, 160 GB hard drive, DVD burner, 19 ” LCD and Display port.
$300 Icore series
Icore 5 HP All-in-one 2.5 GHz, 4.0 GB of memory, 160 GB hard drive, DVD/CD burner, 22 inch display.
  • Add memory – 2 GB for $20.
  • Add new wireless ‘N’ WiFi to your desktop for $15.
  • Add 1 terabyte hard drive for $70.  500 GB hard drives $60
  • Add new HP Deskjet Copier/Scanner/Printer for $50.

Laptop Computers

Most refurbished laptops come with a carrying case and a 90 day warranty on batteries and hardware, 1 year on hard drive and programs installed.  Check out our warranties and list of software installed.
$100 Laptop Specials
Dual Core or C2D Processor Windows 10 and Open Office installed (Compatible with Microsoft Office) Anti-virus installed.  60-80 GB Hard Drives.  2GB of RAM.  (30 day warranty)
$150 Good Laptop
Core 2 Duo processor 2.4+ GHz 160, GB Hard Drive, 2 GB of RAM, Windows 10 64 bit, WI-FI, Microsoft Office 2010 Anti-Virus Program installed.
$250 Best Laptop
Icore 5 Processor Windows 10 64 bit 2.5+ GHz, 4 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, Optical Drive
Microsoft Office 2010, Anti-Virus program installed.

*Double the memory to 4 GB for $30

Accessories Available

*New HP Inkjet Color Printer Model 2132 including USB Cable $50
*New powered speakers $10

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All prices effective as of 1/1/17