Welcome to CFC. Providing low-cost systems to those who qualify.

Refurbished Computers for California Schools, Families, Veterans, and seniors.

Complete refurbished computer systems loaded with a Windows OS and MS Office 2010, guaranteed for 1 year, starting at just $85.
Complete refurbished computer systems with a Windows OS and MS Office 2010, guaranteed for 1 year, starting at $100.

Computers for Classrooms was started in 1991 as a volunteer program to refurbish donated computers for schools.  CFC can serve schools, college students, senior citizens, low income families, and non-profits.  We are a non-profit organization that is associated with the Chico Unified School District.

At a recent legislative hearing Computers for Classrooms was described as a model program for the state of California. Most schools cannot pay their technicians to do the work performed by the CFC staff and volunteers. Schools are desperately needing i-core series computers or higher in order to run current programs. The computers the schools no longer use are excellent for family use.

Refurbished computers California scholls
We proudly furnish affordable refurbished computers to California’s schools and people.

CFC provides: pick-up, Wipe Drive wipes of all hard drives, asset tracking, audit trail for wipe or destruction of hard drives and 25 years experience of receiving state donations. We are the remaining program in the initial Computers for Schools projects. We have placed thousands of computers in California Schools since 1991.

Drop-offs are in front by the roll up door. Just ring the bell and the warehouse staff will gladly accept your donations.  Donations are accepted Weekly from 9:00 to 4:00.  Volunteers and those wishing to purchase systems should go to the front door. Hours 9:00 to 5:00 weekdays. We are just north of the UPS facility on Otterson Drive.

Reuse vs Recycling

When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) produced a tool for comparing the environmental benefits of reuse and recycling electronics as compared to sending them to a landfill, it seemed natural to want to compare reuse benefits to recycling.

The greatest environmental impact comes during the initial manufacturing of computers, monitors and printers. Raw resources are mined, oil for plastics is drilled, air and water are polluted – all during the manufacturing process.

Recycle computers California Pat Furr
Everything we don’t reuse, we recycle. Our founder Pat Furr with obsolete electronics heading for the recyclers.

We produced a paper using the EPA calculator that compares the benefits of reuse over just recycling. Recycling is good if the products have reached their “end of life” where they no longer have a viable market. Most systems, however, are often slower than the current products or need to be reloaded or have other kinds of simple repair. There is such a demand for low cost, guaranteed computer systems that it seems a waste to destroy them through recycling before their end of life.

Read our summary comparing Reuse vs Recycling. You can produce your own summary of the products you want to donate by visiting the revised EPA calculator. Recycled products are much preferable to landfilling discards as there is a commodity value for the demanufactured products. But as you can see reuse is over 25 times better for the environment than just recycling.

We can handle large corporate donations.

Guaranteed Refurbished Computers